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Step into a world where the sacred meets the audacious every week with the MUSE MINISTRY, a podcast that challenges entrepreneurship through the lens of spirituality.

Under the guidance of the wise MINERVA and the spirited FORTUNA, they guide the troubled with grit, wit, and a touch of the divine.

At the MUSE MINISTRY, we don’t just believe in the power of the spirit; we worship it. This is a place where daring dreams find their grounding in spiritual truths through a soulful expedition.

Each episode is a masterclass in breaking barriers, sparking inspiration, and moving forward with purpose and daring grace.

Our Creed

In the sanctuary of MUSE MINISTRY,

we affirm the values of resilience, creativity, empathy, purpose, integrity,

confidence, solidarity, and fulfillment.

United in our mission, we support each other in shattering stereotypes and blasting through the glass ceilings with a blend of elegance and raw power.

Join Our Sacred Revolution

If you’re craving a mix of fierce wisdom, infectious joy,

and a community that gets the rollercoaster ride of female entrepreneurship,

MUSE MINISTRY is your spiritual home.

Here, we don’t just walk the entrepreneurial path—we dance it,

with fire in our hearts and our wings on our back.

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