MUSE MINISTRY is a holy-inspired podcast at the crossroads of entrepreneurship and spirituality,

hosted by the visionary MINERVA and the dynamic FORTUNA.

Each week, we seek divine intervention to give us the courage, and strength needed for any situation. Blending wisdom, humor, and scriptures to guide you through the challenges and opportunities of the business world.

Our mission is to bless women entrepreneurs to worship with confidence, resilience,

and a sense of higher purpose.

Through stories, discussions, and a touch of the sacred, we aim to inspire our listeners to break barriers and pursue success with a soulful approach.

Join us for a spiritual experience where ambition meets grace,

and where every entrepreneur can find her place and her path.

Welcome to the REVOLUTION.

Welcome to the MUSE MINISTRY.


The Beacon of Wisdom and Resilience

(Roman goddess of wisdom, warfare, and craftsmanship,

embodying the pinnacle of strategic intellect and artistic mastery.)

Minerva's journey is one of triumph over adversity, a testament to the power of wisdom, perseverance, and enlightened entrepreneurship. Orphaned at the tender age of nine and navigating the challenges of the foster care system, Minerva's early life was marked by hardship.

Yet, through these trials, she cultivated resilience and wisdom beyond her years.

A self-made millionaire by 32, Minerva's path to success was anything but conventional. Eschewing formal education for the hard-earned lessons of life, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey fueled by a fierce determination to succeed and a desire to give back to the woman

who had shown her unconditional love—her final foster mother.

Her business acumen, coupled with a methodical approach to problem-solving, propelled her ventures to unprecedented heights.

Today, at 38, Minerva is a successful entrepreneur and a spiritual guide,

sharing her pearls of wisdom with female entrepreneurs around the globe through Muse Ministry.

With her commanding yet soothing voice, Minerva delves into thought-provoking discussions on literature, philosophy, science, and culture.

Her no-nonsense wisdom, intertwined with warmth and intellectual elegance, inspires listeners to embrace knowledge, take decisive action,

and pursue greatness in their entrepreneurial journey and beyond.

Minerva believes that wisdom is not just acquired but is a gift from the universe, to be used in service of others. Her philosophy, rooted in the pursuit of knowledge and an unyielding refusal to accept excuses, empowers women to seek their own path to success,

grounded in facts but open to the wonders the universe offers.


The Embodiment of Luck and Intuitive Success

(Roman goddess of fortune and fate, wields the power to bestow luck,

both good and bad, with an unpredictable grace.)

In the world of entrepreneurship, where strategy and meticulous planning are often heralded as the keys to success,

Fortuna stands as a shining example of the power of intuition, spontaneity, and a little luck. Born into a family of artists, she was raised to believe in the magic of intuition and the significance of following one's heart.

This belief in the serendipitous nature of the universe has guided her through an unconventional path to prosperity and joy.

Fortuna's ascent to success was as unexpected as it was remarkable. With no background in business or art, a chance encounter at an art fair led her to invest in an overlooked eco-friendly art supply company.

It was a decision driven purely by intuition, a gamble that would see her transform the industry and make her fortune. Her journey was not devoid of challenges, but her optimistic spirit and unwavering belief in positive outcomes saw her through.

As the vibrant co-host of Muse Ministry, Fortuna brings laughter, light, and a touch of whimsy to the airwaves. Her stories of serendipitous success and the lessons learned from taking risks resonate with listeners looking for a sign to leap into the unknown. With a voice as engaging as her personality, Fortuna encourages her audience to embrace the beauty of chaos, to trust in the universe, and to see opportunity in every twist of fate.

Fortuna's philosophy is simple yet profound: success sometimes comes from the most unexpected places, and the best plan might be to have no plan at all. She embodies the belief in the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction, inspiring her listeners to open their hearts to the possibilities that await when they dare to let intuition lead the way.