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In Episode 7 of MUSE MINISTRY, titled "Guided Choices," we discuss the crucial role of decision-making in both personal and professional areas.

Throughout the discussion, we examine the balance between intuition and rational thought, highlighting how successful leaders integrate both to make decisions that are not only effective but also ethically sound and aligned with their core values.


In Episode 6 of MUSE MINISTRY, titled "Compassion," we cover the impact of compassionate leadership within the business world and beyond.

Host Fortuna, joined by the wise Minerva, delves into how empathy and understanding are not just ethical imperatives but strategic assets that enhance decision-making, team dynamics, and customer relations.


In Episode 5 of MUSE MINISTRY, titled "Leadership," we explore the importance of ethical leadership and the impact of living and leading with integrity.

Through insightful discussions, we discuss how integrity shapes not only business practices but also personal development.


In Episode 4 of MUSE MINISTRY, titled "Leadership: Embodying the Good Shepherd in Business," we cover the profound aspects of ethical leadership and the enduring impact of creating a meaningful legacy.

This episode explores how the timeless principles of the Good Shepherd—care, guidance, and responsibility—can be translated into effective leadership strategies in the modern business landscape.


In Episode 3, "Witnesses and Advocates" is an invitation to reflect on our own roles in societal progress and environmental stewardship.

This episode challenges listeners to consider how they can contribute to a legacy of positive change, blending personal values with professional aspirations for a more just and sustainable world. Join us for this thought-provoking journey into the heart of what it means to stand up, speak out, and make a difference.


In Episode 2, "Innovation," MUSE MINISTRY takes listeners on a deep dive into the heart of creative and transformative thinking that reshapes industries and lives.

This episode explores the essence of innovation, not just as a buzzword, but as a spiritual and practical pathway to solving complex problems and realizing visionary ideas. Through engaging discussions in the Gospel Of Grit and inspirational stories, we discuss how innovation is powered by a blend of strategy, serendipity, and steadfast belief in the impossible.


We invite you to the premiere podcast episode of MUSE MINISTRY, "The Comeback," where rebirth and renewal is the focus.

This episode shares the compelling process of emerging victorious from the depths of challenge, capturing the essence of personal and entrepreneurial transformation. It’s a profound exploration of resilience, offering insights into navigating the path of adversity and the exhilarating moment of breakthrough that defines a true comeback.

"The Comeback" stands as a beacon of hope and a guide for those ready to reclaim their power, chart a new course, and step into a place of infinite possibilities. Witness the celebration of renewal, and rediscover and witness the power of starting anew, where every setback is a setup for a grand resurgence.

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